The Posing, Art Direction and Storytelling Workshop on November 13, 2021 is an unparalleled virtual experience that will transform the way you Photograph in Ways you never even imagined. Learn the Secrets of Posing and Working with Models at the Highest Level from Celebrity Fashion Photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz. Refine Your Look, Feel, Style and Perception of How Talent that you Photograph Perceives.  Refine and Dial in Your Photographic Portfolio, Website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Promo Pieces.  Develop a High End Look that Will Increase How Much Business You Will Get and How Much You can Make as a Photographer!   

Thriving as a Photographer is directly related to these 3 fundamental core facets of any photographic business no matter what area of photography that you are involved with.  Photographers are true artists at heart.  To be truly successful and make a solid living and thrive as a photographer, it is vitally important to combine creativity with business and maximize these three pillars of success in photography.   

The 3 Pillars of Success in Photography:

1)  Photographic Branding & Portfolio 

2)  Marketing Your Photographic Brand 

3)  Closing The Deal and Booking the Client

Branding for Photographers Workshop with Kevin Michael Schmitz is an Unparalleled Virtual Photographic Workshop Experience!  You will learn all aspects of developing your Photographic Branding Identity.  You will learn Strategies that are proven to maximize the potential of any photographic business from Consumer to Commercial.   Whether your goal is to photograph ad campaigns for major brands, fashion magazine editorials, photograph a higher end wedding or event client, or even sell fine art landscape photography, this is an opportunity you have been waiting for to completely catapult you to the next level.  We will even work personally with you during the workshop to craft your own Brand Identity Personally with Kevin Michael Schmitz.   

We will help you strategize, design and implement your marketing campaign to reach key photographic clients and take your photographic brand to the next level.   Whether you want to book more clients, or just book higher paying jobs and work less, we will show you how to get there.   We will go in depth with advanced Linked-In Marketing, Sophisticated Mail Follow Up InfusionSoft Chains, The Power of Webinar and Influencer Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and even print mail marketing.   There are so many techniques available, but done in the right combination in the right way will lead to more success and higher earnings.  Done incorrectly, and you will be wasting massive amounts of time and money.   We will help you get to where you are going in the most efficient way possible that will literally transform your photographic career and give you more freedom to just do what you love and PHOTOGRAPH INCREDIBLE IMAGERY!!!!  

The Branding for Photographers Workshop Experience will give you the secret strategies and techniques that will completely transform your photographic business from just so-so money making business to a thriving enterprise that is ever expanding.  Photographers that have taken our Photographic Branding Strategy sessions with Kevin Michael Schmitz have immediately tripled even quadrupled their profits within months when they listen to Kevin’s guidance and implement the strategies and develop a portfolio of a lifetime.  Although we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you enroll in this Photographic Branding Workshop alongside the actual in person Photography Workshop Series Experiences to build a mind blowing portfolio, you can still attend even if you are just beginning! 

Published in over 180 Magazine Editorials, Celebrity Fashion Advertising Photographer, Executive Producer and Director Kevin Michael Schmitz is an absolute expert at Photographic Branding.  He has his Bachelors and MFA to be a Professor of Photography and has worked as an ultra successful advertising photographer photographing ad campaigns for Pepsi, Smirnoff, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Levi’s, UNice, Zara, Four Seasons, UNice, and many many more major brands over his career.  He has been represented by 4 photographer agents including super agents such as JP Reps & 46 Pictures in Los Angeles and AAREPS in NYC.  The crazy thing, is that Kevin Michael Schmitz grew up in a small village of only 2,000 people in rural West Michigan in a working class community.  He began with humble beginnings and started out as a portrait & fine art photographer working in the consumer market at the age of 19.  By 22 he had already been exhibited in over 25 gallery exhibitions selling to private collectors and museums nationwide and had built a booming consumer photography business that put him through school.   Kevin Michael knows a thing about marketing his photographic brand, and he was able to catapult himself to the highest level of the industry and move to California and photograph all over the world or top tier clients regularly photographing six figure photoshoots.  He even landed the opportunity as a the TV Host, Director and Executive Producer of the TV Travel Show Great Escapes that airs worldwide on NBC and the CW.  

Kevin Michael Schmitz did not stumble upon this success. He was not called out of the blue, and he did not have any magic family connections that gave him an unfair advantage.  Kevin Michael had a special sauce when it comes to marketing. He has proven secret strategies that has maximized his photographic potential because of his marketing abilities.  This Virtual Photographic Workshop will dive deep into the first pillar of every photographer’s business:  Branding & Portfolio.   With the right knowledge, abilities, and photographic portfolio, you can literally achieve nearly any photographic dream you could possibly imagine. It just takes learning what it is you don’t know that you don’t know, and figuring out how you can overcome this challenging marketing come out on top like never before.