Virtual Workshop

In turbulent times of coronavirus and chaos around the world, now is the time to double down with your photographic business and prepare for what is next.   We specifically designed this epic virtual experience as an inexpensive and easily accessible photographic workshop experience that everyone can access no matter where they live in the world.   Our first ever virtual workshop experience that will give each photographer an opportunity to develop their photographic career to the highest level of their potential from the privacy of their own home.   We are excited to work personally with you and ramp up your 2020 photographic business while we have the time!! 

Day 1) Strategy, Marketing, Money and Producing:   Right now, as people are panicking, its time to use this as an opportunity to reinvigorate your your business as a photographer.  Celebrity Fashion Editorial Photographer and TV Director & Host, Kevin Michael Schmitz will teach you why right now is the best time for photographers to take their photographic careers to the next level amid all of the panic, fear and self-isolation.  He will give you proven strategies to maximize profits as a self-employed photographer with your own unique style of work and develop yourself with a strong presence in your niche industry.  We will be going into detail about the business of photography, maximizing profits, bidding on campaigns and making more money in consumer photography.   You will earn advanced marketing strategies that you can do from the privacy of your own home during self isolation to prepare your brand to go viral.  Most importantly, we will help you strategize, design and implement your marketing campaign to reach key clients in commercial and editorial photography to take your business to the highest level!

Day 2) Virtual Photographic Shooting Experience:   Celebrity Fashion Editorial Photographer and TV Director Kevin Michael Schmitz will be demonstrating posing, art direction, camera techniques and lighting strategies.   We will be shoot with a Top Agency Represented Fashion Model on Location in Hermosa Beach with ProFoto Lighting Equipment and giant scrims and bounces.  Learn advanced lighting techniques using beauty dishes, octabanks, gels, ND filters, and remote triggers as Kevin walks you through step by step of how to craft a world class lighting set to produce high end publishable imagery.   This Virtual Photographic Shooting Experience will give you the opportunity to follow along with your own camera and lighting equipment in your own home and connect virtually.   This interactive experience is the perfect opportunity to maximize your lighting and photographic techniques from an award winning master photographer and director.  Kevin Michael Schmitz will also demonstrate filming in 4K with an SLR Camera with Sliders, Tripods, Gimbals with a two camera setup to film a world class video reel to coincide with the photographic imagery.   

Virtual Photographic Workshop Enrollment

Two Day High Intensive Virtual Photographic Workshop Experience
$ 595
  • Day 1 is focused the business of photography. You will learn how to maximize your business as a photographer, and how to art direct a high-end advertising campaign photo shoot. We teach you the strategies and give you the tools to take your business to the highest level!​
  • Day 2 is a Full Scale Virtual Photoshoot Experience with a top agency represented fashion model using location lighting
  • Learn proven strategies to maximize revenue, minimize overhead and earn higher profits as a photographic business
  • Guest panelist photography agent that represents world class top photographers giving in depth insight on the industry
  • Secret strategies on how to market to top industry decision makers at Ad Agencies, Magazines and Consumer Clients
  • Live Expert portfolio review to understand exactly what images should be presented from an expert's perspective
  • Design and implement marketing strategies to reach key clients in commercial and consumer photography.
  • Photographic editing, post-production, retouching and color correction to maximize portfolio grade imagery
  • Negotiate usage rights and creative fees to bid on advertising campaigns and work with Art Buyers
  • Step By Step Process of Creating a detailed proposal for booking major photographic campaigns
  • 1-on-1 consult with our Director, Kevin Michael Schmitz to review your portfolio, website, marketing initiatives
  • Learn proven strategies to maximize revenue, minimize overhead and earn higher profits as a photographic business
  • Develop a an elite photographic portfolio under the guidance of Celebrity Fashion Advertising Photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz